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Custom EFC Assays

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DiscoveRx is an innovative company with technology that has been applied successfully in a very broad range of target areas in discovery research, including oncology, metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation. We have initiated a wide range of custom development projects for a number of the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and we continue to offer custom assay development services. Our projects utilize DiscoveRx's proprietary EFC technology and have spanned both in vitro biochemical assays, as well as cell-based assays using our novel PathHunter technology.

Features and Benefits
» Robust, reproducible signal
• EFC is an enzymatically amplified signal, resulting in large signal to background ratios and high precision.
» Minimal Interference
• The chemiluminescent signal minimizes interference from library compounds, introducing no artificial signal due to non-specific binding of beads or secondary labels.
» Mix and read assay protocols
• Add and mix protocols ensure easy adaptation for automation. EFC assays do not require washing, centrifugation or filtering.
» Non-radioactive
• EFC custom assays are homogeneous, non-radioactive methods with no hidden costs or regulatory constraints.

We are committed in providing high quality services
At Discoverx we fully understand the need for providing high quality services in a timely and a professional manner. We offer succinct proposals which are milestone driven and provide regular project updates.

Several popular services have been pre-defined and are indictaed in the product listing to the right. These include custom PathHunter cell pool generation for translocation or Beta-arrestin assays, and custom kinase inhibitor labeling with ED for use in Kinase Binding Assays.

For more information and to find out how DiscoveRx can help you with your assay development needs, send your request to or visit the website. 

Kit Contents
» to be determined by scope of the project

Instrument Requirements
» Luminometer, Multimode Microplate Reader or CCD Camera
» Fluorescent Intensity Detection

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