Culture Media Preparator Masterclave 60

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX

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10-60 Litre Automate Culture Media Preparator Masterclave® 60

• Capacity 10 to 60 litres.
• Preparation of 60 litres of media within 90 min.
• Mobile

Convenient Easy-opening & easy-closing lid.
Inner vessel has no dead volume and drains all contents.
Easy-cleaning without removing the inner vessel.
Stainless steel safety cover with window.
High power & full safety
Preparation of 60 litres of media within 90 min
Water cooling
CE and ASME compliant
Exceptional preparation quality
High accuracy regulation better than 1°C, no risk of medium overheating, water jacket heating/cooling. Large removable magnetic stirrer. Pharmaceutical grade dispensing valve.

Full traceability
Ticket printer: operator name, batch, program name, date, time, cycle graph
Traceability of ingredient batch numbers
PC connection
Port for remote temperature monitoring (Labguard monitoring system)