Culture Media Preparator  Masterclave 528 by AES CHEMUNEX

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX

Culture Media Preparator  Masterclave 528 by AES CHEMUNEX product image
Culture Media Preparator  Masterclave 528

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5-28 Litre Automated Culture Media Preparator Masterclave 528

• Capacity 5 to 28 litres.
• Ideal for broth or agar.
• Mobile.

Easy-to-open and easy-to-close lid. Long Life gasket, transparent polycarbonate window. Easy to clean: No removable inner vessel, draining valve features a safety lock. Distribution connector with flexible stainless steel nozzle mounted in the Lid.
High Quality Culture Media: large, removable magnetic stirrer (patented) provides excellent medium homogenization during sterilization and Accurate core temperature control. 3 stirring speeds for distribution. Graphical user interface enables clear information and stores up to 30 fully customisable
programs. 2 control LEDs and audible signals inform the operator about the cycle status, easily connect a PC and a barcode reader (option). Optional printer for total traceability and real-time temperature curve edition (short reports available if needed). Choose between FAST or ECO mode to save time or water! Self-diagnostic of critical components ensures maximal media quality and
safety. High Efficiency: Complete cycle in 75 min (FAST mode) or 85 min (ECO