Cubis® individual - Automatic Levelling for Individual Requirements

Manufacturer Sartorius Group  |  Available Worldwide

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Cubis® has been designed for users who expect nothing but the best in a lab balance in all areas of performance, but who invest in only what is necessary.


Q-Level combines novel sensors with the most advanced digital display technology, making it easier and faster to level the balance accurately. You can choose between interactively guided or totally automatic levelling.

All data can be easily transferred from one Cubis to another using an SD card. Bluetooth is also available. Cubis can communicate with software from other manufacturers.

To match the needs of your specific requirements profile, Cubis gives you unprecendented freedom of choice. Select exactly what you need:

• Weighing module
• Display and control unit
• Interfaces
• Accessories

As Individual as Your Requirements Are
More efficiency and fail-safe reliability with Q-Apps for your Cubis® laboratory balance.
Turn your Cubis® laboratory balance into a Cubis® individual instrument and download customer-specific applications, called Q-Apps, into your balance. Once installed, these convenient apps are integrated into the balance’s software and will guide you step by step through the particular weighing process selected. Simply select a Q-App from the task list on your balance.