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The Randox Acusera multi-analyte cerebrospinal fluid control is designed for use in the routine monitoring of both accuracy and precision.

This product is compatible for use on most clinical analysers and contains method specific target values and ranges for 11 parameters including percentage total protein quoted for electrophoresis regions at Albumin, Alpha-1-Globulin, Alpha-2-Globulin, Beta Globulin and Gamma Globulin.

  • Lyophilised for enhanced stability
  • 100% human CSF
  • Third party control for an unbiased, independent assessment of performance
  • Two levels of control available
  • Reconstituted stability of 14 days at +2 - 8oC

Albumin Alpha-1-Globulin Alpha-2-Globulin Beta-Globulin Gamma-Globulin Chloride Glucose IgG Lactate Total Protein Sodium

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