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CrystalSCAN - Automated Crystallisation Screening system

The need to study solubility is extremely widespread in the chemical industry due to the importance of solids as the final form of many products. HEL's CrystalSCAN makes it easy for chemists to determine & optimise the solubility and recrystallisation temperature of multiple samples, in parallel.

CrystalSCAN is a parallel synthesis platform, consisting of 8 reactors with independent stirring and temperature controlled zones. Coupled with HEL's proprietary Turbidity probes and controlled-dilution pumps, the system delivers a fast and automated tool for solubility and MSZW determination in multiple samples.

CrystalSCAN Key Features:

  • Obtain accurate solubility and MSZW data
  • Automated dilution / solvent addition
  • 4 or 8 samples in parallel
  • Sample size 2mL to 350mL (interchangeable)
  • Temperature range –80ºC to +250ºC
  • Innovative stirrer design to prevent crystal damage

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