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CrystalMation is a fully integrated platform for protein crystallization, automating every step from custom screen making to crystal imaging and analysis. Due to its modular design, CrystalMation can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements and can be expanded in the future to grow with your needs.

The CrystalMation integrated system consisting of crystallization screen creation, plate setup, reservoir and protein dispense, plate storage and handling, image inspection, one-click optimization and software applications for experiment management. It streamlines the entire crystallization process and offers life science researchers a complete solution from protein to crystal.

The individual instrument modules are combined into a fully automated platform using a device called the Integration Module. The Integration Module, together with its control software, manages the transfer of experimental plates and deep well blocks between instrument stations, and performs auxiliary tasks such as tape sealing, mixing, foil sealing and piercing.

CrystalMation Features:

  • Crystallization screen making, coarse and fine
  • Crystallization plate setup at a rate of 110 96-well plates in SBS format per 8-hours working day
  • Automated delivery of lab supplies and plates
  • Automatic sealing of source blocks and crystallization plates
  • Plate storage with large capacity of up to 696 SBS plates and automatic retrieval
  • Customizable scheduling and automatic image inspection
  • Ease of use for multiple experiment launch in batch mode
  • One-click optimization design
  • Viewing of centralized image and chemistry database
  • Crystallization data-mining and analysis tools
  • Barcode reading and tracking