Crystallization Workflow by Symyx

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Crystallization Workflow
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Reduce the time and quantity of materials needed to complete API studies. Accelerate the process of selecting polymorph and salt forms in preclinical drug development.
By combining hardware and software capabilities, the Polymorph & Salt Selection Workflow increases the number of crystallizations completed per year by a factor of 10. Additionally, the workflow accelerates the process of finding a suitable crystalline form while reducing the risk of late stage failure due to emergence of new metastable forms. It is also available in a Benchtop Systems configuration. The Benchtop System is a self-contained, software-driven system, while the integrated workflow connects with other equipment in the lab and supports searching, security and auditing and configurable document workflow.

Prepare: Thoroughly cover more crystallization space

  • Rapidly prepare and characterize crystalline polymorph and salt forms of drug candidates.
  • Efficiently explore reaction conditions for salt synthesis including pH, API concentration, acid or base stoichiometry, solvent, time and temperature.

Process: Complete more experiments, faster

  • Perform up to 384 crystallizations per day.
  • Perform filtration at equilibration temperature into crystallizer assemblies for crystallization experiments.
  • Explore a wide range of crystallization conditions including method, (evaporation, precipitation, cooling, and slurry), temperature, and solvent composition.

Analyze: Higher throughput, identify more forms, minimize risks

  • Easily perform subsequent analysis without individual sample manipulation.
  • Automatically acquire analytical data and store it to a database to share across labs.
  • Automation and informatics offer a significant increase in throughput allowing scientists to spend more time analyzing data and less time performing experiments.
  • Minimize the risk of new polymorphs, find crystalline forms of intermediates for purification, and identify the crystallization conditions needed to generate crystals of a particular form.