Crystal Farm(TM) imaging system integrated tool set

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The Crystal Farm ™ imaging system simplifies and automates protein crystallization by integratiing incubation at chosen temperatures together with optical imaging of the crystal growth plates at predetermined intervals.  This accelerates the process of growing diffraction-quality protein crystals.  This expanded set of integrated tools does indeed produce protein crystal structures at an accelerated pace.   Crystals harvested from the Crystal Farm are then characterized using a Bruker AXS PROTEUM™ X-ray system.  For high-throughput applications, this includes the latest high-brilliance MICROSTAR™ X-ray source and a highly sensitive and fast readout PROTEUM CCD detector, as well as a BruNo™ robotic sample handler.  This system is driven by the PROTEUM software suite, which contains new modules for determining crystal quality.   The PROTEUM suite provides a simple, robust interface for automated sample screening and data collection.