(disabled) CrysScreen™ Protein Crystallography Software

Manufacturer Tecan

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CrysScreen is a software package that provides crystallographers with an intuitive user interface for custom buffer creation, set-up of experimental conditions and data management in crystallization trials.

Finding suitable crystallization conditions for a specific protein remains primarily an empirically-driven, trial-and-error process. Helping to manage the complexities associated with protein crystallization trials, CrysScreen assists the crystallographer with buffer creation, screening definitions, set-up of and running of experiments, and linking results with experimental conditions used in the crystal growth process.

The close integration of CrysScreen with Tecan’s instrument control software allows all pipetting steps and microplate handling tasks to be performed efficiently and reproducibly on Tecan’s Freedom EVO® series of liquid handling workstations.

CrysScreen helps crystallographers through the most critical steps in automated protein crystallography:

  • Design of Crystallization Conditions
  • Execution of Crystallization Experiments
  • Results Analysis

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(disabled) CrysScreen™ Protein Crystallography Software

Manufacturer Tecan

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