Thermo Scientific™ Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column

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The IonPac® Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column is recommended for the analysis of trace perchlorate in drinking water.

This adjustable-capacity column contains a macroporous, 17.5 μm resin grafted with the macrocyclic 2,2,2 cryptand compound. The column’s functional capacity depends on eluent concentration and the type of cation bound within the cryptand molecule.

The adjustable capacity makes the Cryptand C1 a powerful tool for determining trace perchlorate in drinking water and high ionic strength water. Methods using the C1 can quantify 140 ng/L of perchlorate in a background of total dissolved solids with concentrations as high as 3000 mg/L. The Cryptand C1 is specified for sample preconcentration in US EPA Method 314.1.

Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column Features:

  • Approximately 30 μeq/col of cryptand capacity available for use
  • Capacity adjustable from fixed amount to zero by via eluent concentration or cation type

Column Details:

  • Bead Size: 17.5 µm
  • Pore Size: 100 Å
  • Length: 35 mm
  • ID: 4.0 mm

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Thermo Scientific™ Cryptand C1 Concentrator Column

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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