CryoMed Controlled Rate Freezer

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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Cell storage

"It is very easy to use, maintains the correct temperature, the service personnel is very careful and checks the device every 6 months, it was not very expensive and it is a must for freezing biological samples for research/clinical use."

Review date: 12 Jul 2016 | CryoMed Controlled Rate Freezer
Thermo Electron CryoMed Freezers are designed for precise control, ease of setup and operation, and convenience.  Chamber, sample temperature and operation status are continuously displayed on the control panel. Our signature graph and the cycle

Product Detail :

CryoMed Freezers for controlled rate freezing protocols, when sample viability is of the utmost importance.  This series of easy-to-use controlled rate freezers allows you to choose a size and configuration that meets the requirements of a wide range of research.   Designed for precise control, ease of operation, and convenience.  The control panel displays chamber temperature, sample temperature, and profile status and messages continuously.   

CryoMed Freezers are available in three sizes - .6 cu. ft., 1.2 cu. ft., and 1.7 cu. ft. ( 17.0, 34.0, and 48.1 liters) - and include an integrated control panel and printer.
IVF CryoMed Freezer                     


Patented Refrigeration injection ring
Dual Solenoids for precise control
Quiet Operation
Foamed-in-place chamber reduces condensation
Access Code protection
Easy to read Display with continuous Cham/Sample Temperature readout

Windows PC Software Features
Digital Data
8 1/2 X 11 Charts
Programmable Imformation fields
Unlimited programs and Data export
Run compare feature
Additional Time/Temp resolutions

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CryoMed Controlled Rate Freezer

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews