CryoFile™ Freezer Boxes

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Wheaton CryoFile™ and CryoFile XL™ cryogenic vial freezer boxes offer secure storage for high value samples when immersed at 196oC. The new design provides compartments numbered from 1-81 which aids in identifying the contents of the box without the need to check the vials. The numbered grid on the inside lid provides a space for written identification.

The bottom of the box uses the same numbering system. Partitions are removable for storage of containers other than cryogenic vials such as 10 mL and 50 mL conical tubes. The water resistent freezer boxes come in six colors (blue, green, pink, red, white, and yellow) and can withstand cryogenic temperatures up to –196ºC. Available in two sizes, the CryoFiles store 1- 2 mL vials, the CryoFiles XL store 5 mL vials vertically and 10 mL and 50 mL horizontally.