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Cryo Tubes

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2D Barcoded Cryo Tubes

EasyTrack 2D coded CryoTubes 2ml and 4ml EasyTrack round-bottom CryoTubes are ideal for use in a wide variety of storage environments and applications, including cryogenic storage of samples in vapour phase liquid nitrogen.

Cryo Tubes Features:

  • Temperature resistant - Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, EasyTrack CryoTubes can be stored at temperatures as low as -196°C.
  • A unique 2D Datamatrix code is permanently lasered to the base of each tube. Combine with any of FluidX's range of single and whole rack 2D code readers to provide a quick and secure sample tracking system that can be easily integrated.
  • Space saving and easy to use - With a star-foot base so the tubes will stand unaided and fit snugly inside the 48-position rack, EasyTrack CryoTubes can be opened and closed with only one hand. The SBS-format rack is stackable to save precious freezer space and can be re-used.
  • Automation-friendly - Compatible with the Xsd-96 and Xsd-8 tube decapper/recappers. These systems automatically remove and recap screw caps from 48-format racked tubes.
  • Quality control - Each 2D coded tube is tested to ensure readability and uniqueness. Every lot is tested for leakage to ensure sample safety. Externally threaded screwtop tubes greatly reduce the risk of sample contamination. As with all fluidX tubes, these CryoTubes are free of DNase, RNase, DNA and endotoxins. Sterilisation is achieved by irradiation conducted in accordance with EN552, ISO11137 and ANSI/AAMI/ST31/ST32 standards.

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