(disabled) Crucibles, stainless steel

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd

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Laboratory Stainless Steel Crucible,stainless steel 304 spec 18/8 non-magnetic, bright finish.


Normal temperature range -196 to +550°C.

Suitable for intermittent use up to 870°C.

Continuous use of 304 in the 550-870°C range is not recommended since its corrosion properties are affected leading to pitting. We would suggest our nickel or zirconium product ranges for this elevated temperature range. 

Part Number Material Capacity Diameter B ◊ Depth A
123 0.7mm Thick Stainless Steel 15ml 30mm 30mm
124 0.7mm Thick Stainless Steel 25ml 35mm 35mm
125 0.7mm Thick Stainless Steel 30ml 40mm 40mm
126 0.7mm Thick Stainless Steel 50ml 45mm 45mm
128 0.7mm Thick Stainless Steel 70ml 50mm 50mm

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(disabled) Crucibles, stainless steel

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd

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