Criterion™ Dodeca™ Cell (165-4130) by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

Criterion™ Dodeca™ Cell (165-4130) by Bio-Rad product image
Criterion™ Dodeca™ Cell (165-4130)
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Get 12 Times the Data in Just 55 Minutes! The Criterion Dodeca cell, a component of the Criterion precast gel system, allows you to run up to 12 Criterion gels in a single run.

Criterion gels are wider and longer (13.3 x 8.7 cm) than the traditional mini gel. They accommodate Bio–Rad's 11 cm ReadyStrip IPG strips to give you the optimal combination of separation and speed in 2–D electrophoretic applications. Precast gels and handcasting options are available.

Features of the Criterion Dodeca cell include:

  • Capacity to run up to 12 Criterion gels simultaneously to accommodate high–throughput labs
  • Built–in cooling coil that attaches to an external refrigerated circulator to prevent overheating and ensure the highest resolution results
  • Stirbar capability that maintains uniform buffer tank temperatures for reproducible runs
  • Locator slots to slide the gel cassettes into place without alignment hassles or bulky clamps
  • Leak–free design — the patented* upper buffer chamber is integrated into the gel cassette
  • A cassette opener built into the cell for easy gel access in a single step
  • Convenient buffer draining via the built–in quick–connect drain port
  • Compact footprint that saves benchspace

* US patent 5,073,246, US patent 5,656,145, and other patents issued and pending.