CP02 CryoPrep Dry Pulverization System by Covaris, Inc.

Manufacturer Covaris, Inc.

CP02 CryoPrep Dry Pulverization System by Covaris, Inc. product image
CP02 CryoPrep Dry Pulverization System

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The patented CryoPrep system includes a sample processing vessel and a microprocessor controlled, parallel impact force instrument which delivers controlled mechanical energy to rapidly fracture a frozen tissue sample contained in a closed, single-use vessel.
CryoPrep™ is an ideal tool for dry pulverizing hard-to-process tissue types, such as tumor, muscle, bone, skin, corneal, and plant seeds.
CryoPrep is a complete and easy-to-use solution which rapidly fractures solid tissue samples in a dry, cryogenic environment.
The CryoPrep TissueTUBE is specifically engineered for rapid heat extraction and provides noncontact, closed vessel sample processing. The TissueTUBE is constructed of durable Kapton® which remains flexible at cryogenic temperature levels.

The Covaris CryoPrep is an automated tissue pulverizer, designed specifically for use with tissueTUBES. The
CryoPrep precisely controls the impact force required to pulverize biological specimens into fine powder
(under cryogenic conditions). The CryoPrep is designed for use with a broad range of “hard” tissue types
such as, bone, cartilage, muscle and seeds, as well as softer tissues such as brain, liver and plant materials.
CryoPrep can be used as a stand-alone tissue processing device or can be combined with the Covaris
S-series and E-series ultrasonicators for downstream extraction applications.