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Cou-Lo Compact

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The revolutionary Cou-Lo Compact is a state of the art coulometric Karl Fischer titrator that offers new standards in versatility and ease of operation.

A revolution in water content determination

Incorporating many features usually found only on more expensive instruments, this easy to use titrator provides fast, accurate and reproducible determinations of water content for samples of liquids, gases and powders.

The Cou-Lo Compact is designed for both research and routine laboratories and is ideally suited to a wide range of applications. With a footprint of only 24 x 25 cm the Cou-Lo Compact is small enough to fit into any laboratory and it can also be combined with the Cou-Lo Vap vaporiser to offer versatile and user friendly solutions for all parts of the production process.

Hard copies of results are provided by the built in high-speed thermal printer, along with statistics, data input parameters and sample ID numbers. Each unit is supplied with a comprehensive glassware and accessories pack.

The correct result, every time

At the heart of the Cou-Lo Compact is GR Scientific's state of the art ACE Control System. The patent pending ACE Control System (Automatically Compensated Errors) guarantees that the electrolysis current produced and the count rate displayed are always correctly synchronized, regardless of changes to the electrolysis cell resistance.

Unparalleled support

At GR Scientific we pride ourselves on the quality of our support and we offer a selection of comprehensive support and service options. Every Cou-Lo Compact comes with a two year guarantee and a full calibration certificate.

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