Corona® ultra™ Charged Aerosol Detector for UHPLC and HPLC

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The new Charged Aerosol Detector that is now truly UHPLC compatible. ESA Biosciences' Corona ultra provides:
  • The Corona ultra detector can be used to measure analytes that cannot be seen by UV and may not be readily detected by mass spec.
  • The Corona ultra allows quantitation across four orders of magnitude providing significant advantages formeasuring an analyte and low level impourities in a single run.
  • With reduced peak dispersion and 100 Hz acquisition rate, this detector is suited for diverse applications from small molecules and carbohydrates to lipids and polymers.
  • With 1 second peak widths at base at 0.2 – 2 mL/min and run times at least 5 times faster than conventional systems, the Corona ultra delivers reduced time for method development, increased throughput and approximately 5 times lower solvent consumption.
  • Typical sensitivity of <10ng on column and even as low as ~ 500 pg on column for carbohydrates make the Corona ultra the first choice for analytical R&D through manufacturing QC.
  • RSD's of less than 1% are typical
  • Virtually any solvent can be used with the Corona ultra without concern for solvent compatibility or UV cutoff

Corona's unique Charged Aerosol Detection technology
The Corona ultra measures charge that is associated with analyte particles, accurately and consistently, regardless of the compound. The charge is in direct proportion to the amounto of analyte in your sample. The result is that the Corona ultra detector can "see" any non-volatile analyte, including those without chromophores.