Corning® FloWell™ 2W Plates by Corning Life Sciences

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Corning® FloWell™ 2W Plates
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The Corning FloWell 2W plate is a multiple well plate designed with continuous fluid perfusion technology for the directional controlled feeding of cells for up to 72 hours.

The plate consists of 2 sets of 3 well units. The wells within each unit are connected by porous channels to provide a continuous fluid flow, controlled via hydrostatic pressure. The middle well in each set of connected wells serves as the cell culture vessel. The first and third wells are used as the
medium supply and waste wells, respectively.

FloWell plates are ideal as cell feeding devices for culturing cells that require frequent medium change, such as neuronal, primary, fast-growing cancer and stem cells. The continuous flow from the medium well to cell culture well eliminates the need to perform manual medium changes
for up to 72 hours. Concurrently, exhausted medium flows out of cell culture wells, which is beneficial to cell viability and robust growth. The FloWell plate can also be used in co-culturing studies that investigate cell-to-cell communications of spatially separated cell lines.

• Simple setup allows for up to 3 days of unattended, continuous cell feeding and media exchange
• Consistent fluid flow between wells enables a variety of co-culturing applications
• Ideal for maintaining cell cultures through weekend and holidays, saving time and labor costs
• Reduced handling and continuous removal of exhausted media lowers the risk of contamination and cell loss