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Corning Epic® BT System
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Label-free Detection in a Benchtop System

The Corning Epic System is a high-throughput label-free screening platform based on optical biosensor technology. The system performs both biochemical and cell-based drug discovery applications and offers drug developers the ability to evaluate promising new drug targets.

It also allows for the observation of direct biological interactions not previously detectable in high-throughput applications.

Seen at SLAS2014.

Corning Epic® BT System Features:

  • Whole microplate analysis using CCD detection of wavelength shift
    - No microplate movement, all wells analyzed simultaneously
    - Simple data collection software
    - 96 and 384 well microplates
    - Cell-based and biochemical assays
    - Simplified detection: CCD instead of spectrometers
    - Three second whole microplate read time
  • Compact and simplified instrument design
    - Minimal moving parts, reduced maintenance
    - Reduced footprint, can be placed in an incubator
    - Reduced cost for broader installation outside HTS core groups


  • Ability to work with sub-confluent samples and generate robust data even when the whole sensor is not covered
  • Ability to work with precious cells where seeding at high density is either not desirable or not possible
  • Ability to work with neuronal and other primary cells with extensive projections that partially cover the sensor area
  • Ability to filter data from heterogeneous populations post-acquisition and improve overall data quality
  • Rapid acquisition time post compound addition to better interpret very fast biological events
    Ability to operate at 37°C inside any non-humidified laboratory incubator

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