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Coriolis FR

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Qualified by CEB(France), HPA(UK) and WIS(Germany), the new generation air sampler Coriolis® developed by Bertin Technologies is an efficient liquid air sampler providing quick and reliable air control. Thanks to the innovative cyclonic technology, a large range of aerosol particles (bacteria, fungi, moulds, pollens, viruses) can be concentrated into the collection liquid pre-filled in a cone, without saturation of the collection media.

Compared to traditional impaction methods on agar plates, Coriolis is suitable not only for analysis by culture, but also for direct and rapid analysis methods (PCR, Cytometry, immuno-analysis, ATP-luminescence etc). It provides thus access to analysis of viable but not cultivable flora (VNC) that the impaction method cannot satisfy.
Designed for First Responders and outdoor use, Coriolis® FR is light (<3kg) and compact, with a unidirectional head air inlet. It generates a high air flow rate (300L/min) and uses sterile and single use cones in order to avoid any cross contamination.The reggedized box including the system is suitable for constraintfull environments.