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Copper is an essential trace element in human nutrition and a component of many metalloenzymes. Copper is important to the function of ceruloplasmin and for the synthesis of melanin and collagen. Copper deficiency is characterised by growth failure and hypo chromic microcytic anaemia; acute copper toxicity can cause gastroenteritis and acute renal failure. Randox provide a high quality Copper reagent for accurate testing.

Key Benefits
• Wide measuring range: 1.3 - 97 µmol/l
• Excellent sensitivity: 1.3 µmol/l
• Within run precision 5.72% at 5.75 µmol/l and 0.53% at 77.1 µmol/l
• Between run precision 3.12% at 6.45 µmol/l and 1.15% at 78.9 µmol/l
• Liquid, ready to use reagents stable to expiry when stored at +2 to +8C
• Excellent correlation, with a co-efficient of 0.99 obtained