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In a simple all-in-one design, the COOLSCOPE includes all the functions necessary for observation, image capture and network communications-features that transcend the existing concept of a microscope.

Simple configuration
What? It's a microscope?
Yes, it's a microscope? And it's all there!
In an all-in-one design, the COOLSCOPE combines a microscope with a digital camera and network functions into the tower unit. All that you need besides the COOLSCOPE are a monitor and mouse. To start your observation, neither equipment assembly nor optical adjustment is no longer necessary. Just connect the equipment and push the power switch.

On-screen Observation
Unlike existing microscopes, COOLSCOPE has no eyepieces to look through! Instead, a large monitor with high-definition SXGA quality allows you to observe the image in a relaxed and comfortable posture.

Mouse-Click Operation
Simple "e;Click & Capture"e; operation
Simply load the slide glass preparation onto the tray. The rest is all done by simple mouse clicks.
Aperture and brightness are automatically adjusted, while stage movement, focusing, and magnification changeover are all digitally motorized. Since everything is operated with the mouse, you can concentrate on the monitor screen from start to finish. This means the COOLSCOPE is comfortable and easy to use, which empowers you with greater efficiency.

Intuitive GUI
A micro image, macro image, and the controller are displayed in a single screen. An intuitive, easy-to-operate GUI provides quick, comfortable operation. From observation, image capture, through sharing of the image, you can do various tasks seamlessly, while viewing both the micro and macro images simultaneously.

Macro Image Display
Simultaneous display of Micro/Macro images.
Both the whole image of a specimen and the enlargement of its portion are displayed on a single screen together.
Furthermore, the point being enlarged is indicated with crosshairs on the macro image.
This is a very convenient feature not available with existing microscopes.

Instant Access
You reach your point of interest instantly with a click of the mouse. The COOLSCOPE enables simple transfer to the point you want to enlarge for a closer look. In a macro image, just click the point and its enlargement is instantly displayed in the micro screen. If you click the point in a micro image, that point is centered quickly. You can reach your point of interest without strain.

Memory Function
Maybe I'll view this image again later, but I don't need to save it.
COOLSCPE's memory function is handy in such a case. When you click the memory button, the image of the point you are viewing at that time is temporarily stored in memory retaining its magnification, aperture and brightness (up to 12 points), and a numbered button appears. Simultaneously, that number is imprinted on the macro image. By clicking this numbered button, you can recall previous observation conditions.
If your COOLSCOPE has been set to save observation conditions on CompactFlash cards, you can easily recall them anytime even if you change the preparation or turn off the power.

Network Capability
You can remotely view the image, or operate the COOLSCOPE.
Via a network such as LAN and WAN, at a different location within the network you can view an image being observed on the COOLSCOPE by someone else, or you can even remotely perform basic operations. To do this, you need no special software, just a PC with a standard browser installed.