CoolCell® FTS30, purple by BioCision, LLC

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CoolCell® FTS30, purple
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Cryogenic cell preservation

"I switched to this from a Mr. Frosty. The CoolCell doesn't require methanol for use (it's basically just a glorified styrofoam sandwich container) but the manufacturer has added a few things to it that make it worth purchasing. The sizing is perfect for a range of cryovial diameters; I have the purple version, which handles up to 2ml size in height, but if you have knockoff brand vials that are a bit thicker than typical brands, they will still slide in and out of the holes easily. But the holes aren't so wide that they cause the vials to tilt, which is good. The temperature fall is controlled in part by the inclusion of a metal ring in the center of the box that transfers the cold. What I love about this product is I can pull one full of frozen vials out of the -80, store the vials in LN2, and immediately turn around and use the container again -- something that would be wasteful of methanol for a Mr. Freeze -- just by popping out the cold ring and running it under the tap to "

Review date: 26 Aug 2015 | CoolCell® FTS30, purple
Alcohol-free CoolCell FTS30 delivers unparalleled cell freezing reproducibility. Achieve high post-thaw cell viability and functionality while significantly improving work flow, cost and hassle. Freeze up to 30 1ml or 2ml cryo vials in a lightweight, highly durable container.