Controlled Rate Cell Freezer

Controlled Rate Cell Freezer

Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe BV

CoolCell TM : Consistent -1 0 C per minute freezing without alcohol The Problem: The need for convenient cell freezing. Controlled -1 0 C /min cell freezing is currently a hassle and more

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CoolCellTM : Consistent -10C per minute freezing without alcohol

The Problem: The need for convenient cell freezing. Controlled -10C /min cell freezing is currently a hassle and sometimes inconsistent. Alcohol-filled coolers need continuous maintenance, create hazardous waste, freeze fingers, don’t open easily and slow down work flow.

The solution: CoolCellTM. Achieve a consistent -10C/min freeze rate without the use of hazardous solvents with CoolCellTM.

The solid state core and insulated design precisely balance heat removal during freezing to ensure repeatable, constant cooling all the way down to cryogenic storage temperature
Cleaner, greener, easier to use.

Save Cost, stay Green: Factor the cost of 100% isopropanol, the time to decant and refill, the cost of hazardous material disposal and purchasing the CoolCellTM makes immediate sense. Just say NO to alcohol.

Always a constant -10C/min: The CoolCellTM solid core design never needs changing and never varies in cooling rate. The insulated design provides repeatable, constant cooling throughout the freezing period. The result is a reliable -10C/min rate every time.

Quick re-use time: Alcohol based freezers take a long, long time to warm up between cycles. Why wait? The CoolCellTM is ready to use "off the shelf" and ready to use again just minutes after a freezing cycle. Eliminate unnecessary waiting with the CoolCellTM.

Easy to handle: The insulated design protects your hands when you take the CoolCellTM out of the freezer. No more frosty hands. No more stuck lids.

Available in Purple, Orange and Green


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