Controlled Atmosphere Storage System by Bigneat Ltd

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Controlled Atmosphere Storage System
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Providing stable conditions for storage.

Bigneats BCAS controlled atmosphere storage systems with dry nitrogen gas environment are ideal for storing valuable specimens, moisture sensitive substances and chemical compounds.

This moisture-free environment is maintained using dry nitrogen gas, the gas flow is controlled by feedback from O2 sensor monitoring to a PLC controller, which operates solenoid control of the nitrogen inlet valve.

Air is continually circulated with in the cabinet to ensure uniform dry and oxygen free atmosphere. Optional is the incorporation of carbon filtration for the removal of vapours such as DMSO.


  • Six door system provides for excellent access for loading
  • Each door is lockable
  • Up to 10 shelf positions per sector
  • Controlled and monitored by PLC

Controlled Atmosphere Storage Systems come in one size; the BCAS 1750.