Contichrom® - lab-scale purification solution

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Which processes can your FPLC system run?

Flexibility in process development means that based on the purification challenge the best process is chosen with respect to ease, development time and costs. Contichrom® lab equipment will accept this challenge.

The selection of the process will of course depend on the characteristics of the substances to be separated. Let’s compare some purification scenarios provided in the illustration.

For example affinity capture procedures using Protein A resins face the challenge of a relatively low dynamic binding capacity having a broad breakthrough curve (see capture step branch). For these applications CaptureSMB® is superior to batch purification, because it can use the resin up to 50% more efficiently.

For simple ternary separations, batch processes are the best option if product (red) and impurity (grey) are well separated (bottom example in the ternary separation branch).

However for difficult ternary separations of overlapping impurities, the MCSGP process is superior, since the areas of overlapping peaks are recycled internally maximizing extraction of the product. Yield and purity can be increased by 50%, while achieving up to 10-times higher throughput (middle example in the ternary separation branch).

The isolation of product-related impurities for pre-clinical and toxicological assessments, normally a tedious task, can be solved easily using the N-Rich® process since the separation is run repeatedly enriching the desired substance with every cycle (top example in the ternary separation branch).

Normally these different process technologies require separate equipment to be carried out. With Contichrom lab equipment all processes shown in the figure can be performed on one system.
Typical application areas for Contichrom range from FPLC separations of proteins to HPLC separations of active ingredients. Contichrom was designed to enable its users to purify always with the most efficient LC process for the task.

Learn more about LC purification with Contichrom® by clicking the manufacturer website link at the top of the page.

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Contichrom® - lab-scale purification solution

Manufacturer KNAUER - HPLC, SMB, Osmometry

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