Constant Thickness Film Maker Accessory by Specac Ltd

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Constant Thickness Film Maker Accessory
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Average Rating: 5.0
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Expended our lab capability, testing scope. Provided analysis we didn't have before.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Analytical lab to analyze polymers.

"It is very easy to use. the reproducibility is excellent. The accessory enhanced, accelerated and expended our analytical capabilities. It is very easy to train others to use the accessory with the same end result. Very satisfied with the accessory. able to use on the first try. The accessory by generating very meaningful and useful results paid for itself within couple months."

Review date: 09 May 2017 | Constant Thickness Film Maker Accessory
The constant thickness film maker accessory is ideal for the preparation of reproducible thickness polymer films. The films produced are 29mm in diameter and can be varied in thickness by using a set spacing ring. The accessory is designed to be used with the Atlas Heated Platens which allows for a maximum temperature of 300°C, and is compatible with Specac's range of Atlas Manual, Power, and Automatic Presses.