Constant Current Stimulator by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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Constant Current Stimulator
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Brief pulses of electricity are used in various biomedical research applications as a stimulus to excite nerve or muscle fibers. Several factors need to be considered when choosing the right stimulator.

The DS3 provides a precise Constant Current stimulus (up to 32mA) controllable in Pulse Duration and Amplitude and as with the DS2A this output comes from self-contained batteries.

The DS3 also features a "clamp" or discharge circuit which discharges the output between stimuli, preventing a charge build up on the preparation. In other constant current devices this charge build up can lead to a loss of stimulus. The DS3 can be triggered by an external device such as our new DG2A Train/Delay Generator.

NOTE: This stimulator is NOT approved for use on human subjects.

Constant Current Stimulator

* Four current ranges allow precise control of output between 2µA and 32mA.
* Output discharge (Clamp) circuit prevents capacitance build-up during stimulus trains, which is important to prevent stimulus loss.
* 90v compliance provided.


* Accurate and reproducible stimulus characteristics.
* Switchable polarity, variable output and duration ranges (20µs to 2s).
* External pulse duration control through the BNC trigger input.
* A single-shot button, which operates irrespective of trigger inputs.
* Cases manufactured from insulating material may be rack mounted using an optional mounting frame (Model D121-11) available from AutoMate Scientific.