Connect™ Microplate Stacker

Manufacturer Tecan

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Connect™, Tecan's microplate stacker system, offers fast and reliable batch processing for the following Tecan host devices:

• Infinite® F200 & M200 readers 
• Infinite® F500
• LS Reloaded™ laser scanner device
• PW384™ plate washer

By supporting a range of Tecan´s detection and separation systems, the Connect offers researchers increased throughput for a wide range of applications in the fields of Genomics, Proteomics, Drug Discovery and Diagnostics.

Connect may be easily added to compatible stand-alone detection instruments or the Powerwash 384 microplate washer without any hardware modification to the host instrument. Connect has no rotary movements, saving time and making all movements smooth and efficient. Connect uses the same plate cassettes as those used by the Te-Stack option so that you do not have to manually un-load and re-load plates into a different cassette in order to read your plates after pipetting has been performed. Simply take the loaded cassette from the Genesis straight to the reader and click "start measurement".

Product highlights include:

• Choice of tall and short cassettes holding 30 and 50 plates respectively
• Almost any plate type may be used, including all commonly used 96-, 384- and 1536- well plates, plus Tecan’s own micro-array slide holder for the LS Reloaded™ laser scanner device
• A unique fine positioning base plate, allows you to move the host device whilst on the plate to fine-tune the correct gripper loading position
• A barcode option is available which can read barcodes on either the left or right short side of the plate
• An optional dark cover is available to protect light-sensitive well contents from laboratory lighting
• Should you need to process just one plate, just disable Connect and use your reader or washer manually
• Connect is compact and allows front access to filter slides and plate transport of selected Tecan readers and washers
• Connect’s software interface is integrated within Tecan´s i-control™ reader control software and Magellan™ data reduction software, so there is no extra software to master

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Connect™ Microplate Stacker

Manufacturer Tecan

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