CONFOCHECK - FTIR Investigate Proteins in Water by Bruker Optik GmbH

Manufacturer Bruker Optik GmbH

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CONFOCHECK - FTIR Investigate Proteins in Water
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The CONFOCHECK is a dedicated FTIR system for the investigation of proteins in water. Its specific configuration facilitates a fast data acquisition (ca. 30 sec. per sample) with a high sample throughput controlled by an extremely user friendly software interface.

Main applications for the CONFOCHECK are the detection and quantification of conformational changes in proteins and the protein concentration determination. Quantitative determination of the protein concentration and the secondary structure elements (alpha-helix, beta-sheet) from the analyzed protein samples is accomplished within seconds via internal calibrations.

The CONFOCHECK is equipped with several specific protein sampling cuvettes that allow the measurement of solved and membrane bound proteins, even at very low amounts (10 µg). To reach optimal temperature constancy and to facilitate the measurement of temperature induced protein conformational changes, the sample cuvettes are temperature-controlled by a thermostat.

FTIR Protein Applications:

  • Protein quantification
  • Detection of conformational changes
  • Protein dynamics (temperature induced conformational changes)
  • Monitoring of conformational changes during protein aggregation, precipitation and crystallization
  • Determination of the secondary structure
  • Quantification of all kind of solutes in aqueous samples (Buffers, excipients, detergents)