Confocal Raman Microscope alpha300 R

Confocal Raman Microscope alpha300 R

WITec GmbH

Topographic & 3D Confocal Raman Imaging WITec’s ultrasensitive and modular alpha300 and alpha500 microscope series allow for the analysis of the chemical characteristics of a sample more

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Topographic & 3D Confocal Raman Imaging

WITec’s ultrasensitive and modular alpha300 and alpha500 microscope series allow for the analysis of the chemical characteristics of a sample three-dimensionally, underneath and at the surface. TrueSurface Microscopy employed for topographic Raman imaging and confocal Raman microscopy for 3D chemical imaging deliver the highest spectral quality and unmatched spatial resolution.

3D Raman Imaging

In Raman imaging, a complete spectrum is acquired in as little as 760 microseconds at each image pixel (Ultrafast Raman Imaging), resulting in images consisting of tens of thousands of Raman spectra being collected in less than a minute. Differences in chemical composition will be apparent in the Raman image and can be analyzed with a spatial resolution down to 200 nm. With the various algorithms coming with the integrated software package it is possible to visualize additional material properties such as stress fields or crystallinity. For objective and chemometric data evaluation the optional cluster analysis allows the computerized unveiling of hidden structures automatically. Using the sensitive setup of the alpha300 and alpha500 can also be an advantage when performing measurements on delicate and precious samples requiring the lowest possible levels of excitation power. Time resolved investigations of fast dynamic processes can also benefit from the ultrafast spectral acquisition times.

TrueSurface Microscopy

WITec’s exclusive new True Surface Microscopy option makes it possible to perform confocal imaging measurements parallel with and guided by large area topographic scans. To achieve this unique capability, the WITec microscopes can be equipped with a highly precise sensor for optical profilometry. The large area topographic coordinates from the profilometer measurement are used to perfectly trace the samples surface in confocal Raman imaging mode. The result is an image revealing the chemical properties at the true surface of the sample, even if it is extremely rough or inclined. Sample preparation is reduced to a minimum without having to compromise the confocality of the system.

Raman/AFM Combination

For structural surface imaging at the nanometer scale the microscope can be transformed into an AFM by simply rotating the objective turret. All standard AFM modes are supported ensuing high flexibility throughout the full range of AFM applications.

Fields of application include:
• Pharmaceutical Research (Drug distribution, Drug-Delivery-Systems, …)
• Life Science and Biomedicine (Living Cell, Tissues, …)
• Forensics (Material Characterizations, Inks, …)
• Coatings and Thin Films (Layer composition and thickness, depth profiles, homogeneity, …)
• Photovoltaics and Semiconductors (Stress fields, Coatings, …)
• Polymer Characterization (Surface Structure, Crystallinity, …)


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