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Conductive Tips
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Contamination-free pipetting is an absolute must for many applications. In addition to that, robotic and analytical systems require the dispensing of samples and reagents at high speed and 
trouble-free functioning in an unattended manner.

The fulfillment of two requirements is essential in order to achieve maximum dispensing quality and flexibility. First, reliable recognition of the variable filling heights of the liquids is necessary. This 'level detection' guarantees minimal immersion of the tip into the liquid. Second, dispensing into all common tubes and microtiter plates must be possible.

Our electrically conductive tips fulfill all of these specifications excellently. They are able to recognize various levels of liquids and therefore immerse only minimally, for precise take-up of the correct volume. Due to their special shape and low coaxiality they can dispense liquids even into the smallest tube openings without any problems. They also guarantee absolutely contamination-free work, because they can be ejected after every dispensing step.

An additional advantage of our conductive automatic tips is the identical cone geometry of all sizes. In this way it is possible to use different sizes of tips on the automated systems simultaneously.