Computrac® Moisture Analyzers

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MAX® 2000, MAX® 1000 Series Analyzers

The MAX® 2000 and MAX® 1000 Moisture Analyzers use state-of-the-art technology to monitor and control test temperatures to assure consistent, reliable moisture results. These units use platinum RTD (resistive temperature device) to measure the temperature generated from the heater coil. This information is relayed to an advanced microprocessor, which controls and limits the heater output to reach and maintain the programmed test temperatures without overshoot.

MAX® 50 Series Moisture Analyzers

The MAX® 50 series analyzers (MAX® 50, MAX® 20, MAX® 10, and the LX-10 and the LX-50) use early 1980's technology for heat control. These units use a soldered RTD and a "temperature offset" to compensate for the temperature difference measured between the RTD and the sample surface.

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Computrac® Moisture Analyzers

Manufacturer Arizona Instrument LLC

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