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comPOUND® sample store

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TTP Lab Tech’s comPOUND® sample storage system allows rapid and easy access to any library subset with unparalleled speed and accuracy. The self-contained comPOUND® modules provide high density storage resulting in a small footprint; and temperature control from ambient down to -20°C. They do not require a special building to house them and are easily relocatable. An optional suite of specialised delivery and processing modules enables easy integration into any compound management or screening system.
comPOUND® provides you with the ability to:
• cherry-pick any library subset at the speeds required to meet the needs of your screening department
• reduce potential damage to library stocks by only selecting the samples you need
• ensure sample integrity with temperature controlled, dry, inert, hermetically sealed storage
• ensure throughput speeds grow as your library expands by processing samples in parallel
• easily expand your library. Additional modules can be integrated in response to growing library size

You can minimise your initial investment, yet still grow your library and your throughput when required.