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cOmplete His-Tag Purification Resin is an innovative high-capacity IMAC (Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography) matrix for convenient single-step purification of His-tagged proteins from lysates. Roche's new proprietary nickel-chelate chemistry is compatible with commonly used reducing agents (such as DTT), chelating metalloprotease inhibitors (such as EDTA), and a wide range of buffer substances and salt conditions. The wide choice of compatible ingredients makes it easy to optimize buffers for high protein stability and solubility and to protect your proteins from proteases and oxidation.

Stabilize your protein with DTT and EDTA.
Use any buffer with EDTA or DTT for the highest protein stability without loss of capacity.

Produce large amounts of highly purified proteins.
High binding capacity and specificity are ideal for one-step purifications.

Generate less toxic waste.
Negligible nickel leakage reduces toxic waste and avoids nickel recharging.