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Compass™ is Bruker Daltonic´s new unified software environment for intuitive mass spectrometric instrument control and data processing, as well as for powerful chemoinformatics and bioinformatics analysis software.

Compass is designed to offer a unified look and feel for instrument control and processing. It provides tools to aid both novice and expert users to acquire and process datasets and interpret results efficiently on all Bruker Daltonics life-science systems. Within the Compass environment, specific modules are selected, depending on the instrument and applications needs. All Compass data acquisition and processing modules will provide the necessary functions needed to work in compliance with FDA 21CFR, Part 11 requirements.

Advanced Compass data interpretation uses additional chemo-/bioinformatics modules, depending on the applications requirements. Examples include QuantAnalysis, Biotools for protein sequence confirmation, RapiDeNovo for sequencing of peptides, MetaboliteTools for advanced comparison of different LC/MS datasets to pinpoint the presence of low levels of metabolites and predict the structures of the metabolites, and LibrarySearch for comparison of MS/MS spectra against reference spectra.