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Compact HomeLab

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Rigaku's Compact HomeLab was designed for researchers who want a low-maintenance X-ray system with the ultimate in experimental flexibility.

The foundation of this system is the third generation Rigaku MicroMax™-003, an integrated microfocus sealed tube generator, and specialized confocal optic. The optic has been designed for the small crystals that are most frequently seen in today's structural biology labs. The beam size at the crystal is less than 100 μm in diameter, giving superior flux density for crystals smaller than 100 μm in size.

The X-ray tube includes a 3-year warranty, which ensures that your time will be spent measuring samples instead of maintaining your X-ray source. The MicroMax-003 utilizes a 30 μm focal spot running at 30 watts of power. Superior beam stability is maintained by a supplied cooling system.

The standard detector in the Compact HomeLab is the Dectris PILATUS 200K. This Hybrid Pixel Array Detector (HPAD) is a true photon counting detector that features: the highest sensitivity, the lowest readout noise, the highest dynamic range, the sharpest point spread function and the ability to collect data continuously, in “shutterless” mode. These combined detector characteristics make PILATUS detectors the best among today’s commercially available detectors for crystallography.

Tying the source and PILATUS 200K detector together is a four axis goniometer that provides maximum experimental flexibility when the need arises to measure data in specific crystal orientations.

Compact HomeLab Features:

  • Small beam size (< 100 μm)
  • Source includes low maintenance Rigaku MicroMax-003, a microfocus sealed tube X-ray generator
  • Includes PILATUS 200K HPAD or R-AXIS imaging plate
  • Comes with the powerful HKL-3000R suite for data collection and structure solution
  • Choice of goniometer
    - 4-circle κ goniometer (PILATUS)
    - 4-axis partial χ goniometer (PILATUS only)
    - Single-axis Φ goniometer (R-AXIS only)
  • Optional sample changer (ACTOR)