C60 Compact Top-Loading Autoclaves by Priorclave Ltd

Manufacturer Priorclave Ltd

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C60 Compact Top-Loading Autoclaves
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Priorclave Top Loading autoclaves have a compact design for modern laboratories where space is at a premium.

The chamber depth of 625mm of the Priorclave C60 range of 60 litre capacity autoclaves is ideal for sterilising those taller items such as fermenters and large capacity Erlenmeyer flasks. Although classified as part of the Priorclave Compact range, the stainless steel chamber of the C60 top loading autoclave accommodate easily ten one-litre or sixteen 500ml bottles, alternatively six one-litre Erlenmeyer flasks. This highlights the high density loading that can be achieved in a machine requiring just 472 x 620mm of floor space.

Priorclave offers a choice of standard or vacuum models to match sterilising requirements. Also adding to the versatility of the C60 top loading autoclave range is its mobility, castors enabling it to be easily moved when required.

C60 Compact Top-Loading Autoclaves Features:

  • Operation up to 140C – 2.5 Bar.
  • Quickseal 2 single action closure
  • Complete with thermocouple entry and test ports
  • Forced air cooling as standard helping to reduce cycle times
  • Automatic timed freesteaming as standard for improved air removal and sterilising performance
  • Delayed start and media warming function as standard for ready to pour media at the start of the day