ComoRack-24 by Micronic BV

Manufacturer Micronic BV

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Storage racks

Do you want an effective and reliable logistic and storage system for your valuable samples?

If so, then Micronic offers you a diverse range that incorporates all your demands.

The robust designed racks can handle 96 individual tubes in a 96 well configuration and meet the global recognised Society of Biomolecular Screening (SBS) standard footprint ensuring compatibility with most sample handling and storage systems. For the 7ml square tube a 24well PC rack is available.

All Micronic racks have the following features:

  • Industry standard Society of Biomolecular Screening (SBS) footprint
  • Absolute consistency
  • Working temperature ultra low
  • Available with custom specific barcodes
  • RNAse & DNAse free


  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Available Sterile
  • Available Conductive
  • (improved liquid level sensing)

To be able to supply a diverse market with the right product that fits your needs, Micronic has developed a variety of models and materials.

RoboRack-96 PP & Conductive

  • Specially designed to fit the needs of automated systems
  • Automation friendly rack & lid
  • Unique Sure shot design ensures easy lead-in of tubes
  • Airflow design ensures extreme rapid freeze-thaw cycles
  • Available as a Conductive rack for improved Liquid level sensing
  • High chemical resistance
  • Modular stackable lid and rack
  • Available as a RTS version for robotic applications
  • LoboRack-96 PP & Conductive
  •  Specially designed to save valuable storage space
  • Space saving design up to 50%
  • Available as a Conductive rack for improved liquid level sensing
  • High chemical resistance
  • StaboRack-96 PP
  • Specially designed for mainly manual usage
  • Rack on feet for better air flow
  • Grid for easy gripping
  • High chemical resistance
  • ComoRack-96 PC* & Comorack-24 PC
  • Fully Reusable Polycarbonate rack with lockable lid ensures a long life.
  • Lockable lid
  • Over 100 times autoclavable
  • Rack of feet for better airflow
  • ID label for easy sample recovery
  • Robust design
  • On request available as PS, for higher chemical resistance
  • Refill carrier-96 PS
  • Specially designed for easy refilling all Micronic racks.
  • Retains 96 tubes to refill an empty rack in one move with individual accessible tubes
  • Tubes are fixated in refill carrier, refill carrier is easily removable
  • Disposable Tube holder
  • Specially designed and low priced Tube holder for one time use only.
  • PS Tube holder prefilled with Micronic tubes and sealed air tight.
  • Avoiding any cross contamination
  • Unique application for sterile working processes

Rack accessories

  • Extendable Storage Holder; for easy sample rack recovery in horizontal freezers (es holder picture)
  • ID label ComoRack-96; for easy visual identification on top of the 96 well ComoRack only
  • ID label ComoRack-24; for easy visual identification on top of the 24 well ComoRack only
  • Transfer plate; for easy transferring tubes and removing refill carrier