CombiFlash System Sq16x by Teledyne Isco

Manufacturer Teledyne Isco

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CombiFlash System Sq16x

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Automated, sequential purification for workgroups.

This automated, 16 sample system sets the standard for productivity and versatility in automated organic purification. CombiFlash™ System Sq16x - the most flexible sequential flash purification system in the world - is the instrument platform you need to stay ahead in the discovery race. Working closely with customers, we're continuously improving this system to adapt to the real world demands of organic compound R&D. Combined with the unmatched economy and efficiency of Isco RediSep™ disposable flash columns, CombiFlash Sq 16x is the system of choice for methods development, variable-scale purification, and other applications requiring walkaway automation with on-line detection, flexible sample loading, and PC-based method and data management.