CombiFlash® OptiX™ 10 by Teledyne Isco

Manufacturer Teledyne Isco

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CombiFlash® OptiX™ 10

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10-sample parallel purification with on-line UV detection.

State of the art technology developed by Isco brings a breakthrough in high-throughput parallel organic purification. OptiX 10 truly removes the purification bottleneck after parallel synthesis. For chemists performing parallel synthesis, scaffold production, or reaction optimization, this system offers extreme ease of operation combined with individual gradient control on each of the ten channels.

You can mix samples with similar or different polarity in the same run to build diversity in compound libraries, because OptiX 10 lets you use a sample-specific gradient for each channel.

Individual variable-wavelength detection (from 190-360 nm) on each channel means there's no need to assay collected fractions to locate compounds. At the end of the run, you'll have chromatograms for all samples showing where peaks were collected. PeakTrak OptiX software color codes the chromatograms and collected fractions. A version without detection is available if you work mainly with non-UV absorbing compounds.