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CombiFlash Companion

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"Very good support by distributor Axel Semran! Fast and reliable system"

Review date: 12 Dec 2005 | CombiFlash Companion
The CombiFlash® Companion® personal flash chromatography system can be controlled or monitored from anywhere, using any internet connection with Microsoft Windows Explorer. It can even send you an e-mail notification when your separation is done. The system’s advanced automation and communication capabilities offer a new dimension of “productivity with peace of mind”, freeing you to pursue other priorities without distraction while a purification is in progress. The Touch Screen controller lets you run the system locally from one easy-to-read screen. And the optional Solvent Management module controls up to 4 solvents on line, and senses solvent levels so you’ll never run dry.

Companion uses precision packed RediSep® columns to yield more pure compound in less time than any glass column or other disposable. Columns from 4 grams to 330 grams are quickly interchangeable with no additional hardware, for fast, easy scale-up from milligrams to tens of grams of purified sample.

CombiFlash Companion automatically senses the column size and programs itself with optimal conditions for that column. To initiate the run, you simply press "play". And because the software is specifically designed to meet the needs of purification rather than analysis, you can change method parameters with real-time control. If you want to change the gradient any time during a run, simply click a point on the gradient profile, and drag to the desired value to immediately modify the solvent mixture.