Colorimetric Test Kits by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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Colorimetric Test Kits

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Variety and ease of handling.

Each pack contains all the reagents necessary to carry out a test and everyone can use them even without special chemical training. The high-quality color cards decisively simplify the allocation of the samples to the stated values. This gives you more precise results in no time at all. Another unique feature is that test kits and comparison colors are adjusted with the aid of certified standard solutions. These can be traced back directly to primary reference materials originating from NIST und PTB. This provides a consistently high quality standard for all our visual test kits. When stored at temperatures between 15 and 25 °C, the test kits remain stable for up to three years from the date of production. Also, there are practical refill packs. These allow the use of color comparators over and over again – which reduces costs and is environmentally friendly.

Results in a minute
Easy to handle tests even for non technical persons
No laboratory, no additional instrumentation and equipment or electricity needed
Accurate results
All necessary reagents in one kit
Low analysis costs
True field application: on-site
Complete range of parameters
Proven quality
Long shelf-life
Application-oriented measuring ranges

The Aquamerck® system is the specialist for water analysis in aquaristics, fish farming, limnology and in the environment. 

The Microquant® tests are particularly suitable for industrial water, cooling and boiler water, turbid or colored water, e.g. wastewater, due to its light transmittance principle plus sample blank. 

Aquaquant® test kits are especially suited for the analysis of drinking water, ground water, clean water and mineral water and in water production.