CO2-Incubator with ANTI.PLENUM Design - CB Series

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CO<sub>2</sub>-Incubator with ANTI.PLENUM Design - CB Series
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BINDER CO 2 incubators with ANTI.PLENUM DESIGN The CB series offers optimal growth conditions up to 60 °C combined with a highly effective 180 °C sterilization routine. A wide range of more

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The CB series offers optimal growth conditions up to 60 °C combined with a highly effective 180 °C sterilization routine. A wide range of options such as O2 control for hypoxic conditions, glass door or roller system are available for a variety of application-specifc solutions. Our premium class incubator meets the highest demands on accuracy, safety and data communication.

CO2-Incubator with ANTI.PLENUM Design - CB Series Features:

  • Reduces the risk of contamination significantly by eliminating air ducts, shelf fixtures and ventilators generating up to 3.4 m2 of contaminable surface in conventional CO2 incubators.
  • Eliminates costly consumables like HEPA filters, hydrogen peroxide or special UV lamps completely, relieving pressure on tight budgets.
  • Maximizes time for cell and tissue culturing by saving the time conventional CO2 incubators require for dismantling, manual cleaning and assembly of interior components.


  • Electronically controlled APT.line™ preheating chamber assuring temperature accuracy and best cell growth
  • Temperature range of 7 °C (13 °F) above abient temperature up to 60 °C (140 °F)
  • MCS controller with 25 storable programs of 100 sections each for a maximum of 500 program segments 
  • Features: 
    - User-friendly LCD screen
    - Easy-to-read menu guide
    - Integrated electronic chart recorder
    - Variety of options for the graphic display of process parameters
    - Real-time clock
  • Standard-compliant hot-air sterilization at 180 °C (356 °F) (DIN 58947) using an overnight cycletime
  • VENTAIR Jacket System™
  • Drift free infrared CO2 measurement system
  • Patented Gas mixing nozzle
  • Weldless deep-drawn inner chamber made of stainless steel with integrated shelf support system
  • Permadry™ system, condensation-free double-pan humidification system, maintains dry interior walls
  • Electronic self-diagnostic system for errors with optical and acoustic alarm, as well as relay contact for central monitoring
  • Independent adjustable temperature safety device class 3.1 (DIN 12880)providing full protection against chamber over-temperature, with visual and audible temperature alarm
  • Tightly-fitting inner glass door
  • RS 422 interface for use with optional GMP/GLP and FDA guideline 21 CFR Part 11 compliant APT-COM™ DataControlSystem software
  • 3 perforated shelves made of stainless steel (in standard and O2-control versions)
  • Units are stackable with stacking adapter
  • Door Lock
  • BINDER test confirmation
  • Available in the following sizes: 53, 150 and 210

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