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ClonePix™ 2

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Systems based on ClonePix technology are now used in over 100 laboratories around the world to increase workflow productivity, leaving more time to better characterize target proteins and run new projects.

ClonePix 2 is the next generation system built on ClonePix technology and chemistries. With this system one can select mammalian cells with optimal expression levels, pick colonies with accuracy and confidence, and experience software enhancements that improve ranking consistency, a robotics redesign that reduces risk of coloy disturbance, and fewer plate handling steps.

ClonePix™ 2 Features & Benefits:

  • Increase probability of finding optimal producers.
  • Cut cell line/antibody development times – avoid limiting dilution.
  • Reject poor performers at an early stage based on expression levels in situ.
  • Select cells with optimal expression levels - Software enhancements improve ranking consistency.
  • Pick colonies with accuracy and confidence - Robotics redesign reduces risk of colony disturbance.
  • Improved workflow efficiency - Fewer plate handling steps.

ClonePix™ 2 Applications:
  • Antibody development for biotherapeutics.
  • Antibody discovery for research.
  • Protein expression and production.
  • Stem cell screening/Maintenance of stem cell lines.

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