CloneCatcher Gold by AMSBIO

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CloneCatcher Gold

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Transferring exogenous DNA into E. coli is a standard laboratory method for cloning genes and constructing cDNA, genomic and epitope libraries. The limiting factor in many library-screening efforts or multiple fragment ligations is the efficiency by which DNA can be introduced into E. coli. Electroporation is one method to efficiently introduce DNA into E. coli.

CloneCatcher™ Gold are based on a proprietary method that allows rapid development and testing of new strains that are task specific. The resulting mutants have optimized performance profiles that produced substantially enhanced results.

CloneCatcher Gold Features:

  • CloneCatcher™ Gold with a guaranteed minimum efficiency between 8 x 1010 and 1.2 x 1011*
  • Construct libraries of greater complexity than ever before
  • Library construction possible with small amounts of input DNA
  • Use less topoisomerase-loaded vector and reduce overall cost
  • Convenient single-use-tubes
  • Super-fast 10 minute protocol

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CloneCatcher Gold by AMSBIO product image

CloneCatcher Gold

Manufacturer AMSBIO

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