ClonaCell® EasyPick by STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

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ClonaCell® EasyPick

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ClonaCell® EasyPick from STEMCELL technologies - An Automated Platform for Cell Line Generation

The ClonaCell® EasyPick unites STEMCELL Technologies ClonaCell media with Hamilton's advanced high-performing liquid handling robotics to meet the three most important aspects in developing cell lines production- quality, speed and throughput.

Features of the ClonaCell® EasyPick:

• Quality liquid handling robotics
• Simultaneous selection and cloning of cells in ClonaCell Media
• Automated Colony Isolation
• Eliminates serial dilutions
• Reduces clone development time by up to 26 days
• Increases probability of isolating rare high-yielding clones
• Reduces downstream screening
• Limits contamination risk
• Integrated customized software

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