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ClonaCell EasyPick

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World’s fastest system for automated isolation of mammalian clones
Selection and cloning of transfected cells and hybridomas nowadays is one of the bottlenecks in cell line development for biotechnological production of pharmaceuticals like antibodies.

HAMILTON Robotics and STEMCELL Technologies Inc. developed the ClonaCell™ EasyPick system that offers an alternative towards common methods like limiting dilution or FACS-selection. The system relies on 30 years of experience in robotics for the complete automation of clone isolation. It is the fastest, validated system for picking cell colonies from STEMCELL Technologies’ semi-solid ClonaCell™ media. The system detects, analyzes and picks fully automatically. Basis of this automation is the STAR platform from HAMILTON’s MICROLAB® STAR Line that is equipped with a Hepa-Filter-Hood to guarantee contamination-free environment.

The ClonaCell™ EasyPick system is dedicated to successful and fast cell line development for biotechnological production through:

  • Quality: Every isolation results in a unique clone, increasing the probability of finding rare, high yielding clones.
  • Speed: Eliminates cloning by limiting dilution and reduces downstream subcloning and screening.

  • Throughput: ClonaCell™ EasyPick automates isolation of clones, enabling isolation of 300 clones per hour.

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